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  • Pelion

    Milies Folklore Museum


    Milies Folklore Museum, located at the center building of the town hall, houses a folklore collection thanks to the research and systematic work of Ms. Eleni Faye-Stamati who gathered footage about traditional crafts, customs, occupations, folk art and traditional costumes of Pelion. Craving knifer, tinsmith, smith, farrier, cobbled road manufacturer are some of the crafts that where exercised till few years ago, or exercised even nowadays.

    Herbs, textiles, embroideries, traditional sweets, bread kneading and many more traditional occupations of women, all come to life through that very interesting folklore collection.

    The museum has published an album entitled “Milies, the kome of Pelion Mountain”, a work also by Ms Stamati, with plenty of  folklore elements about the traditional occupations and a full in-depth description of the traditional Pelion wedding ceremony.

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